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1. GSO Care Aged Care Software

One of the least expensive packages available in the market place, with no extras or add ons.  GSO Care would suit organisations of any size and is charged by the bed.  GSO Care Pty Ltd seeks to put quality care and accountability back into aged care by creating an aged care software suite using intelligent automation, that is innovative, exceptional and seminal, empowering profitability, giving carers more time for caring, and increasing smiles on resident faces.

GSO Care aged care software is a cloud based, comprehensive resident care management system, with digital interfaces to government web sites, and an open API providing integration with third party products.

With GSO Care aged care software, their point of difference is GSO Carer Web App, the interface used to record the delivery of care.   Benefiting from an event driven design, GSO Carer displays real time individualised choices and directives per resident whilst enabling digital capture of events and observations, automatically linking to funding models and care plans, and generating exceptions and alerts if outside individual resident tolerances.  This feature is a game changer.  Using GSO Care aged care software will afford providers massive productivity gains because only one ACFI funding appraiser is needed for all but the largest of organisations.  GSO Carer has eliminated agency staff or new employees being unaware of resident real needs.

For demonstration, GSO Care has created a live, real time, event driven care management simulator, showcasing their use of intelligent automation within their aged care software.  The simulation consists of a provider with 2 facilities.  Both facilities are populated with cyber residents, all of whom have a range of care requirements and therefore varying funding levels.  Auto bots of all care levels deliver the care and managers may monitor KPIs via live dashboards.  

Listed are 8 features that set GSO Care aged care software above its' competition:

Believed to be a world first, the care management simulator enables providers to perform real world care modelling.  Click on the cyber bot to view the simulator.

GSO Care have a youtube channel with an inciteful introductory video into their aged care software.


GSO Care aimed to set the bar at a significantly higher level than currently available.  No doubt they have achieved their aims.  One might glibly say twice the functionality at half the price.  This aged care software is set to become the new standard in aged care management and transparent care delivery.  One would be foolish not to consider GSO Care.
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